30 09, 2015

How To Improve Eye Tracking

It is so easy to take our vision for granted, especially when we read. Our eyes move from word to word, each sentence is processed in our brain, allowing us to learn or to become imaginative with every sentence. We do not realize that being able to read smoothly, quickly and accurately requires proper eye [...]

15 06, 2015

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Let's  talk about soft daily contact lenses. Our optometrists may have brought up a newer modality called a daily disposable contact lens. The beauty of these is that they are brand new each day and cleaning them is basically unnecessary. One positive benefit is that they are much healthier for your eyes. The more often you replace your contact lenses, [...]

1 06, 2015

Is Anti-Reflective Coating Worth The Extra Cost?

Hello everyone! Mimi here! Do you guys ever wonder if adding anti-reflective coating to glasses worth the extra cost? Patients are given the choice to add anti-reflective coating when purchasing their lenses and many reject the offer because they don’t believe that the benefit of removing the glare of their lenses outweigh the cost. However, anti-reflective coating can [...]

27 05, 2015

Brillen Eyeglass Frames are the Best

Optometrists are not supposed to have favorites. With that is mind let us tell you Dr. Thanh Mai's favorite frame line and the one he is going to be sporting next. It's from Brillen Eyes from their Dutz collection. This company is based out of Mission Viejo, CA and since one of our missions is [...]