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Enter Ani, our Vision Jedi Master superstar! He came to Insight with occasional double vision and had his eyes frequently drift out. After 20 weeks, Ani has developed excellent strength and stamina of his eye muscles and greatly improved his eye control to keep his eyes straight. Awesome job, Ani!

How did you learn about vision therapy and why did you consider it for your child?

Referred by Woodbridge Optometry.

How was your experience doing vision therapy here at Insight Vision Center? What kind of activities did your child enjoy?

Experience was great. Anirudh enjoyed the fun sessions. Every week there were different set of exercises and goals. Anirudh enjoyed hitting the weekly goals and looking forward to next set of goals.

After completing vision therapy, how has your child’s vision improved? Furthermore, how has reading, schoolwork, or other daily activities changed?

We no longer see the lazy eye symptom. The eye exercises over last 20 weeks have really helped fix the issue. Also, when Anirudh feels his eye is wandering, he is aware of it, and able to fix it on his own.

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