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Another Vision Jedi Master has been introduced to the universe! Congratulations to Colten for completing 30 weeks of vision therapy and for improving acrossing the board in every area of visual processing. Visual processing is difficult to improve on, but Colten’s end results are a testament of his hard work ethic and fighting spirit!

How did you learn about vision therapy and why did you consider it for your child?

He had test done at Ketchum and it was determined this would help. Ketchum was too far away and recommended your office.

How was your experience doing vision therapy here at Insight Vision Center? What kind of activities did your child enjoy?

Thoroughly enjoyed. Colten hardly minded doing the “homework”.  Many of the activities were fun games, so he was happy doing them. Everyone at the office was great to interact with. We truly enjoyed the experience.

After completing vision therapy, how has your child’s vision improved? Furthermore, how has reading, schoolwork, or other daily activities changed?

Yes, everything improving, things like left/right, switched of letters. His confidence in reading and writing is so much stronger than we started. Actually, his overall confidence has improved.

Would you recommend Insight Vision Center to your friends? What did you appreciate about our service? Could we do anything to improve?

Yes, and we have! I appreciate flexibility, kind staff, and that my son wanted to come and improve. Nothing to change.

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