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A big congratulations to Judah for finishing our Vision Therapy program. He definitely wins the Most Improved Award and we cannot be more excited for the bright future that lays ahead of him!

Judah’s mom Tracey gave us some feedback on his experience at our office:

How did you learn about vision therapy and why did you consider it for your child?

Online search. Because we knew something was wrong with his vision but what exactly?? But thru the testing we realized there were definite problems and they were pinpointed thru the testing.

How was your experience doing vision therapy here at Insight Vision Center? What kind of activities did your child enjoy?

It has been amazing. Dr. Mai is so great. He developed a great relationship with Judah in which Judah wanted to work hard and Dr. Mai helped him to see how this would [help] him in a lot of different areas including homework, video games, reading, etc. The staff is super nice, helpful, always willing to answer questions.

After completing vision therapy, how has your child’s vision improved? Furthermore, how has reading, schoolwork, or other daily activities changed?

Significant improvement in reading, copying work from chalkboard to paper, math, backwards numbers and letters, putting [together] erector sets and other toys requiring fine motor skills, and a major decrease in agitation with homework.

Would you recommend Insight Vision Center to your friends? What did you appreciate about our service? Could we do anything to improve?

Yes. Everyone at Insight cared about Judah and wanted to see him succeed. Vision therapy changed the direction of Judah’s academics from negative to positive.

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