Optical Services

Why should you come here for your next pair of glasses?

  1. Fashion: We provide unique styles of eyewear that will make you stand out from the rest! We don’t believe in having boring frames, because what’s the fun in that? We want to provide you with eyewear that really makes a statement, where people will stop you in the middle of the street and ask “I love your glasses! Where did you get them?”
  2. Technology: As technology evolves in the optical field, we want to bring you the latest and greatest lens designs to make sure you see your absolute best. Our lens packages are designed to provide the best combination of quality, productivity, and value. We believe in prescribing the best lens options out there, from the right lens material, anti-reflective coating, and/or progressive design. Our custom freeform and digital lenses will have you kissing distortion and refractive error goodbye.
  3. Core Beliefs: Buying glasses should not only benefit you as the patient, but should also benefit a greater cause in the world. That’s why at Insight Vision Center Optometry we advocate frame companies that give back to the world. Some of our frame brands will plant a tree for every pair of glasses sold. This really helps ecosystems that have been damaged by deforestation. Other brands will give one-for-one, where every time you buy a pair of glasses a child in an underserved community will get one too. Life is too short to live selfishly.
  4. Guarantee: We are dedicated to our mission, “love the way you see.” If you are not happy with your glasses for any reason, we’ll fix it. If you were unhappy with our service in any way, we’ll make it up you. If your are not happy with the way you see, then we won’t give up until you are satisfied. Everyone of our doctors and staff are required to burn our mission statement onto their retinas to best serve you (kidding about the burning retina part but you get it, we will never waiver from our core beliefs).