Pilot Vision

Vision is a pilot’s most important sense!

Whether you are looking to apply for your pilot’s license or are currently an active pilot, a yearly eye exam is essential to ensure optimal vision for flying.

FAA Medical Certification requires 20/20 distance vision in both eyes for First and Second Class license.  Other requirements include good color vision, peripheral vision, and healthy eyes. If you do have an existing eye condition, you are not disqualified from getting your medical license. Rather, further examination and documentation will be needed in order to obtain medical clearance.

Our doctors are very knowledgeable about all the vision skills required for safe flying. There are a multitude of visual cues that a pilot must look for throughout the course of a flight. Some prime examples are signs on the runway, lights from the tower or other planes, and scanning of the horizon and landscape.

If you will be applying for your medical license, first schedule an eye exam with us to ensure your vision is acceptable to pass. Medical practitioners recommended a comprehensive eye exam with dilation as the standard of care. Our doctors are well versed in the necessary FAA regulations regarding vision and special eye conditions.

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Check our list of necessary vision skills
to make sure your eyes are ready to fly!

Do you have?

  • Good Visual Acuity — Ability to see clearly at far and up close

  • Low contrast Acuity — Ability to see well in low light situations or foggy weather conditions

  • Peripheral vision — Good awareness and view of peripheral surroundings

  • Depth perception — Accurate judgement of space at far and near

  • Color vision — No difficulty distinguishing color

  • Quick Scanning — Ability to sweep eyes quickly and accurately across the sky

  • Quick Glare Recovery — Be able to recover quickly if momentarily blinded by glare

  • Accommodative facility — Can quickly adjust your focus from far to near

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For further reading,
be sure to check out the FAA Pilot Vision Brochure.

FAA Pilot Vision Brochure