Vision Therapy

Here at Insight Vision Center Optometry, we believe that vision doesn’t just include your eyes, but it also means your muscles, brain, and entire body!

Imagine that you can see the words on the page clearly, but you can’t follow along because you keep losing your place and the words keep swimming around?  Don’t you think it would be hard to comprehend what you are reading?

Many students and adults struggle with visual issues and don’t even realize it.  They are often mislabeled as “slow” or “poor readers” when in fact, it is a visual problem holding them back.  Visual dysfunctions are often called the “Undetected Disability”  because they hold students back from achieving their full potential but are often not caught until much later. This is where vision therapy can help!

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Do you have a vision problem?

The first step to detecting vision problems is to starts with a comprehensive eye exam from a developmental optometrist. A Developmental, Behavioral, or Vision Therapy Optometrist is a doctor trained to look at the visual system as a whole and not just stop at the eyes.  Recommended treatment may include a combination of glasses, patching, computer software, and/or exercises.

Can Vision Therapy help your vision problem?

Do you or your child suffer from any of the following symptoms?
If you check 2 or more of the following, we recommend coming in for a full evaluation.

Physical Cues

  • Headaches or dizziness associated with near work

  • Blurred or double vision

  • Words blurring on the page after prolonged reading

  • One eye turning in or out (strabismus)

  • Lazy eye (amblyopia)

  • Head tilting, closing or covering an eye

Performance Cues

  • Difficulty tracking while reading

  • Difficulty copying/drawing shapes

  • Letter reversals

  • Difficulty copying from the board

  • Misaligning digits when doing math

  • Difficulty tracking/catching the ball in sports

  • Poor visual memory

  • Takes an excessive amount of time to complete homework

  • Letter or word reversals

  • Poor handwriting

Medical Diagnosis Include

  • Convergence insufficiency

  • Accommodative insufficiency

  • Oculomotor dysfunction

  • Strabismus

  • Amblyopia

  • Visual processing problems

  • Diplopia

  • Visual deficiencies masking as dyslexia

Our Vision Therapy Program at Insight Vision Center Optometry

Our custom designed Vision Therapy program strengthens the visual skills of our patients. Vision Therapy is a treatment program that uses lenses, 3-D pictures, computer software, and hands-on activities to strengthen visual-motor skills and visual-perceptual skills. You can think of it as “physical therapy for the eyes.” However, we work on a lot more than just the movement of the eyes—through fun and engaging exercises we train the visual system to work more efficiently and teach the brain to process the images you see.

This individualized program consists of a weekly in-office sessions, working one-on-one with a developmental optometrist or vision therapist, where the patient will learn new visual skills and strategies.  Then each patient will receive home activities to practice throughout the week to reinforce their new learned skills. All progress is tracked with a visual report card and a fun incentive program to encourage hard work! It can take several months to a year to complete our Vision Therapy program depending on what your goals are.

Three Main Categories of Skills Trained in Vision Therapy

How do I start Vision Therapy?

The first step in determining if you or your child have a learning-related vision problem is to come in for a comprehensive evaluation. We may also recommend a processing evaluation which entails several standardized test to help us evaluate their visual processing skills and problem solving strategies. Next, we hold a conference with the parent(s), teacher, tutor, and/or helper.

This conference serves as our “team huddle,” first, to help everyone understand what the areas are that we need to work on, and second, to determine how we are going to work together to ensure your child’s success!

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Patient Testimonials

Colten and Dr. Mai
Colten and Dr. Mai
Everything improved for him like understanding his lefts and rights, and letter reversals. His confidence in reading & writing is so much stronger than when we started. Actually, his overall confidence has improved. Many of the vision therapy activities were fun games, so he was happy doing them. Everyone at the office was great to interact with. We truly enjoyed the experience.
Ani and Dr. Lam
Ani and Dr. Lam
Our experience was great. Anirudh enjoyed the fun sessions. Every week there were different set of exercises and goals. Anirudh enjoyed hitting the weekly goals and looking forward to the next set of goals.
We no longer see the lazy eye symptom. The eye exercises have really helped to fix the issue. Also, when Anirudh feels his eye is wandering, he is aware of it and is able to fix it on his own.